Ms. Bahr has more than 30 years of experience in finance, economic development, and strategic planning with a focus on emerging markets development. Ms. Bahr has special expertise in MSMSs Finance and development as well as structuring and managing Guarantee Schemes. She practiced her expertise in the MENA, Africa, East Europe, and South Asia markets. Ms. Bahr is the Managing Director of the Credit Guarantee Company (CGC) in Egypt since 2015. Prior to that, Ms. Bahr served under both local and international umbrellas of BP, Shell Winning, Fulbright Commission, and Finance and Banking Consultancies (FinBi). During her experience, Ms. Bahr interacted with different ministries and authorities of GOE as well as the Central Bank of Egypt. She also worked closely with different international and bilateral institutions such as WB, EIB, EU, IFAD, UNDP, IFC, AFDB, GIZ and Moody’s analytics, among others. As the Managing Director of CGC Egypt, Ms. Bahr was able to set records. For example, the growth of the company business size increased by 900% between 2015 and 2019 - consuming more than 35% from the banks’ total lending portfolio to SMEs. The equity size of the company also increased by 200% and the served number of MSMEs increased by 600%. Ms. Bahr has BSc in Economics and a Master's degree in Professional Economic Development.

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