Neural Stem Cells (LM-NSC008) can modulate cell replacement,
immune response and neuroplasticity


LM-NSC008  – derived organoids:  3D human brain model

Neural stem cells for brain regeneration

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About Us

We are committed to combat
neurodegenerative diseases using neural stem cell therapy alone or in
combination with currently
available therapeutics

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  • LM-NSC008 cells express a human L-MYC gene, an allogeneic and easily expandable off-the-shelf product
  • LM-NSC008 cells migrate to sites of brain pathology and differentiate into neural and glial cells
  • LM-NSC008 cells alone or in combination with drugs can induce brain tissue regeneration

LM-NSC008 organoids

3D human brain Model

  • LM-NSC008 derived organoids recapitulate normal human brain 3D architecture
  • Display chromosomal and genetic stability and reprodusability of organoids
  • LM-NSC008 organoids are a low cost 3D human brain platform for drug testing, metabolic stress and injury


Human Neural Stem Cells (LM-NSC008): An immortalized human, allogeneic neural stem cell line, which expresses L-myc gene and displays favorable physiological features, multi-lineage differentiation, and migratory properties in vitro and in vivo. The LM-NSC008 line was immortalized by transduction with a single gene, a transformation deficient human L-myc. LM-NSC008 cells have a normal karyotype and did not show abnormal growth or tumorigenicity in rodent brains. LM-NSC008 cells are easily expandable to billions of cells using Quantum fiber bioreactor (Terumo BCT).
Brain Organoids (derived from LM-NSC008): A human 3D brain model to study degenerative diseases and to evaluate potential therapies. Because neurodegenerative diseases strike primarily in mid- to late-life, their incidence is expected to soar as the population ages and are projected to affect more than 12 million people in the US within 30 years. StemCellMed, Inc developed and validated the organoid platform for medium-throughput high-content screening, optimizing consistent recapitulation of normal human brain development and function. Our research team is working on production at scale of a validated, well characterized and consistent organoid model of human brain that can be used commercially or in academic laboratories for accelerating drug discovery and understanding human disease to yield clinically translational insights.
Our Team

Our Team

Team Memeber Margarita Gutova, MD


Team Memeber Konstancja Ziegert, BS


Team Memeber Arman Khachiyan, PHD

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L-MYC Expression Maintains Self- Renewal and Prolongs Multipotency of Primary Human Neural Stem Cells. Stem Cell Reports. Read
Long-term stability and computational analysis of migration patterns of L-MYC immortalized neural stem cells in the brain. Read
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We are based in California

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